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  Scott Barker ea02894e42 Bug fix, prevent NRE for a non-existent putty session key 8 months ago
  Scott Barker b8397d6708 Re-fix image path 9 months ago
  Scott Barker aa24c0f33a Fix image path 9 months ago
  Scott Barker 113b8bb77e Add screenshots to the README.md 9 months ago
  Scott Barker 613dd50f80 Add previously unadded tests, fix bugs 9 months ago
  Scott Barker 88cb8715ff Update changelog for v0.4.1 1 year ago
  Scott Barker bb1444b1d1 Bug fix - refreshing sessions duplicated existing sessions 1 year ago
  Scott Barker 4657b3ace1 Additional settings, config refactoring, session caching 1 year ago
  Scott Barker 15811cb71c Update changelog 1 year ago
  Scott Barker 33f283b96b Fix version number in assembly, add it to config title bar, add run at startup option 1 year ago
  Scott Barker 3e80e8fcd6 Add changelog 1 year ago
  Scott Barker dfd613fa3c Add configurability, fuzzy matching, direct connection 1 year ago
  Scott Barker f107c6201c Add ctrl+enter hotkey to launch the exact connection 1 year ago
  Scott Barker 0fc30352c2 Add configuration, fuzzy session matching, and a bunch of a matching algorithms which may or may not be configurable and used later 1 year ago
  Scott Barker ad0f9a0417 Initial commit 1 year ago