Simple hotkey putty session launcher
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  • Bug Fix: On installations that do not have any sessions, the sessions registry key doesn’t exist -- fix this null reference exception. v0.4.2 ====
  • Bug Fix: Occassionally the main window would show on the non-primary display on multiple display systems, this is resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Occassionally the tray icon would not be removed when exiting the program, this is resolved.


  • Bug Fix: When refreshing sessions, existing sessions were duplicated.


  • Cache session names to improve performance on systems with a large number of sessions. Press F5 at the type-ahead window to refresh the cache.
  • Add configuration option to limit the max items that are displayed in the suggestion dropdown
  • Update the design of the configuration options dialog
  • Update the storage mechanism for configuration settings. You will need re-configure the application
  • Internal refactoring


  • Add version to config dialog title bar
  • Add Run at Startup option


  • Added configuration dialog to allow customization of the Putty path and the hotkey
  • Added fuzzy matching for session names
  • Added direct-connection to non-saved sessions


  • Initial Release